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We welcome Dr. Toni Samek and Dr. Dianne Oberg from the University of Alberta as guest editors for this new edition of SLIC Online. This is a follow-up on Volume 24, Issue 4 in 2004 and we welcome the contributions of students from the University of Alberta on Intellectual Freedom and Social Responsibility.


Nous souhaitons la bienvenue aux professeurs Toni Samek et Dianne Oberg de l'Université d'Alberta comme rédacteurs invitées pour un suivi du Volume 24 Édition 4 en 2004. Nous vous offrons les contributions des étudiants de l'Université d'Alberta sur le sujet de la Liberté Intellectuel et la Responsabilité Sociale.



  1. Message from the CASL President - Sandra Hughes
  2. Introduction from the Editor - Richard Beaudry
  3. Intellectual Freedom and Social Responsibility: Building Understanding - Guest Editors Toni Samek & Dianne Oberg
  4. Cuts to Teacher-Librarians: Effects on Intellectual Freedom and Democrarcy - Claudia Klausen
  5. Making the invisible visible: School libraries and global education - Geoff Orme
  6. Students' Privacy Rights in School Libraries: Balancing Principles, Ethics and Practices - Donna Riehl
  7. Sex and Censorship in School Libraries - Vida Juozaitis
  8. Social Responsibility and School Libraries: A Case for Children's Literature as a Powerful Teaching Tool - Joanne de Groot
  9. Internet Links/Liens hypertoiles - Richard Beaudry
  10. Book Review - SOAR HS - Some Assembly Required: High School from the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario - Richard Beaudy
  11. Technology Corner: Web 2.0 Resources - Richard Beaudry
  12. CLA Conference 2007
  13. Next SLIC - Volume 26 Issue 3


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