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A letter from the Editor

Richard Beaudry

Richard Beaudry is president-elect of CASL and is a teacher-librarian with the Vancouver School District. He has a teacher-librarianship diploma and has completed a Master's in Education in Information Technology/Literacy and the Master's in Library, Archives and Information Studies from UBC.

Issue Contents


I am pleased to welcome guest editors Toni Samek & Dianne Oberg, professors from the University of Alberta who are presenting the work of their graduates students on Intellectual Freedom and Social Responsibility. This issue is a follow up on Volume 24 Issue 4 in 2004.

University of Alberta students Claudia Klausen, Donna Riehl, Vida Juozaitis, and Joanne de Groot are the contributors for this issue.

The Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario has published SOAR HS - Some Assembly Required: High School, a guide to learning and learning disabilities for high school students. There is a review of this useful guide in this issue.

The term 2.0 often indicates the next generation of technology development. Web 2.0 offers some interesting tools for teachers and students and in Technology Corner there are some samples that show how to study and work online.

Archives Update

With the launch of Volume 26 Issue 2, the following archived issues are now available:

SOURCES: A Compilation of Useful Information for Teachers & Teacher-Librarians
Volume 26, Issue 1

Media and Education
Volume 25, Issue 4

Intellectual Freedom & Social Responsibility
Volume 24, Issue 4

For the Love of Books
Volume 24, Issue 1
Pour l'amour des Livres
Volume 24, Issue 1

SLIC Sources

SOURCES: A Compilation of Useful Information for Teachers & Teacher-Librarians

Volume 23, Issue 2
Volume 21, Issue 3
Volume 20, Issue 3
Volume 19, Issue 3
Volume 18, Issue 2

Additional archive issues will be added as they become available.

New SLIC Format

There is a new technology committee within the CLA. Led by Judith Green, CLA Manager of Marketing and Communications, it includes participants from the CLA divisions (CASL, CACUL, CAPL, CASLIS and CLTA) and Andy Giffen, newly hired Information Technology Manager & Web Designer for the CLA.

The committee has met twice to decided on a new format for the CLA website and its divisions. We have made a choice and it will be unveiled sometime in the fall. The new web format will make the websites interactive and permit better communication with our membership. It will also give each division direct access to its own content to make changes. This means that we will be able to update the information on our CASL and NSLD websites without having to go through the CLA.

It also means that we will have a new digital version of SLIC sometime next year.

Additional content

Many contributors have asked that their names be added in the content area. Starting with this latest issue, we have done so. We are also adding contributors' names as archived issues are being added.

I am also making pdf formats of archived issues available for downloading.

CLA Conference

I will be attending the conference in St. John's, Newfoundland. CASL will be hosting a poster session. I look forward to seeing you there.


Richard Beaudry


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